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JetBlue’s Fly Anywhere, Anytime, As Much As You’d Like for $599 (If We Think You’re Not Going To Use It) Promo

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JetBlue is apparently offering an “All You Can Jet” special to fly anywhere as much as you’d like for $599.  But not for everyone…only for certain folks.  You see, my friend received the below email from JetBlue encouraging her to hop on and fly all she likes, anywhere she likes for an entire month for $599 flat.  She could weekend in Bermuda every weekend between September 9th and October 9th if she’d like to or she could mix it up and hit up any of JetBlue’s international or domestic destinations.

JetBlue Promo for "Special Flyers"

JetBlue Promo for “Special Flyers”

Now, the question comes up – why did she receive this special offer from JetBlue while the rest of us are left to travel at full price?  The only “offer” I got from JetBlue is some baloney about it raining on my vacation or something.  This is the deal I wanted.

You see, I’m an active and frequent JetBlue traveler.  I am a member of TrueBlue.  I have the JetBlue American Express card.  In fact, I probably fly JetBlue at least once a month and always look to them first when booking travel.  (I’m just a loyal kind of guy.)  So, why did I not receive this promotion?

My thinking: JetBlue consciously removed people who travel over a certain threshold with them.  The company knows that I may travel once or twice during that period and this would definitely appeal to me.  In fact, it would probably encourage me to travel more so they would risk losing money on the offer to me.  My friend on the other hand, rarely travels.  She’s a member of TrueBlue and likes JetBlue but isn’t the type to jet away for the weekend somewhere on a normal occasion.  JetBlue knows that they probably would sell me a flight during that time period regardless and probably wouldn’t sell my friend a flight so they wanted to sweeten the pot for her a little.  Smart, I guess.  I mean, I guess from a marketing perspective it makes sense to try to encourage people you’re probably not going to otherwise get revenue from to spend.

My problem with it: What happens when this email gets forwarded along to very loyal JetBlue customers (like myself) who now look on their web site and can’t find the offer anywhere.  Who are left to wonder why they’ve been excluded from this special treatment.  I mean, I understand not emailing it out and the benefits of segmenting your lists but you’re seriously now going to block me from purchasing the pass?  I can’t believe it, JetBlue.

I am all for segmenting your list.  In fact, I wish many companies did a better job at it – I’m tired of getting crewcuts and email blasts for women’s shoes when I’ve CLEARLY told J.Crew that I’m only interested in Men’s.  I’ve literally written them and said, PLEASE J.CREW, PLEASE, do not send me any more email blasts about woman’s shoes.  I see your catchy subject line in my Inbox, I get all excited, I open the email and there it is: a pair of stilettos.  My heart sinks.  It’s just bad marketing practice.

BUT, I would argue that JetBlue is equally bad here.  I’m a loyal, loyal customer and it frankly feels like a slap in the face to not receive an offer like this.  In all sincerity, did you not think it would get forwarded around?!  Or, did you just not care how your regular, loyal, devoted customers would feel?


Written by stumbler

August 13, 2009 at 12:59 pm

Really, Bank of America? REALLY?!

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Dear Bank of America:

I have been a long-time customer of yours and have been extremely loyal.  Honestly though, I’m not sure why.  You’ve actually never given me any good reason.  In fact, you’ve given me nothing but reasons to leave you and switch banks.  What’s my most recent cause for concern?  Your waste.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been a Bank of America customer for a long time…more than 10 years, in fact.  I recently referred a friend who had just moved to New York to open a Bank of America account and we would both get a little bonus.  Sounds great, right?  (As a side note, we’re not talking about a great deal of money.  We’re literally talking about a $25 bonus for me and a $35 bonus for her.)  Anyway, my issue is not with the minuscule amount of money being offered, it’s still a nice gesture.  My issue is with how the actual process is carried out.

Imagine how one would think this would work.  Ask yourself, have I ever gotten a referral bonus from other banks and how did they do it?  You see, I have.  I’ve received bonus from both Chase and ING Direct.  The methods they use are similar and actually make sense.  Those companies actually just simply deposit your bonus into your account electronically.  The funds simply appear one day and they send you an email to let you know.  Makes pretty good sense, right?  I mean…you’re my bank.  You have my account number.  It’s easy enough to do an electronic transfer of funds.

Apparently, that’s too complicated for you though, Bank of America.  Apparently, you’re not familiar with an electronic transfer.  Apparently, you think that a better way is to mail me a paper check with a letter.  And, for me to then have to go to a banking center and deposit said check.  Now, I’m going to be honest, I just don’t get it.

Is it really that hard to electronically deposit funds from your bank account to mine, Bank of America corporation?  I mean, you certainly are able to do that with millions of transactions on a daily basis.  I just logged online and transferred funds from my checking to my savings.  Oh, look…back to my checking.  I can even transfer funds to other Bank of America customers!  In fact, my friend just transferred me some money.

So, it’s not like your unfamiliar with the concept.  And, you can’t possibly think that it’s easier to mail a paper check.  Who would it be easier for?  It’s not easier for me…I now have to go to the bank!  It’s certainly not more cost-effective.  With an electronic transfer, you have fairly minimal costs.  Here, you had to pay for the check being printed, the envelope, the postage and not to mention all the back-end expenses of tracking it.  It’s certainly not more friendly for the environment…in fact, if you’re doing this for all of your customers, how many trees do you think you’ve wasted on this initiative?

Honestly, Bank of America, are you that stupid?  I know people talk about big dumb corporations but this may take the proverbial cake.  I mean, is this what you’re wasting the bailout money on?

And, if you’re this incompetent with something nice you’re trying to do for customers, I can only imagine how ridiculously incompetent your organization must be on the important stuff.  Do you still send each other snail mail and faxes?  I don’t know if this will do the trick and make me switch banks (why I take your abuse, I don’t know) but HOLY MOLY…you have got to be kidding me.

A paper check?  Really, Bank of America?  Really?!!  Maybe it’s time you thought about upgrading the process…I mean, it is 2009.

Written by stumbler

August 13, 2009 at 9:49 am